Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen (miami)

“This new Jamaican restaurant brings Caribbean flavor back to Wynwood,” says Carlos Frías, for the Miami Herald. Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen is located at 316 NW 24th Street, Wynwood, a district in Miami, Florida. Frías writes:


Wynwood has been bursting with sleek new restaurants the last few years but notoriously has been devoid of the Caribbean cuisine that was often found in the neighborhood. That’s about to change.


Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen has opened in a modern new space with dishes steeped in Jamaican tradition. One look at the menu shows the menu is sticking close to its roots with some modern flashes.


Among the appetizers are salt cod fritters with tangy Marie Rose sauce, crispy ackee rolls with rundown cream and callaloo greens and artichoke dip. The menu looks to take adventurous leaps, such as a roasted pumpkin soup with thyme foam.

Larger main dishes include Yardstyle Fried Chicken, oxtail, curries with a choice of chicken, shrimp or chickpeas. Separate sections of the menu are dedicated to whole snapper and jerk dishes with chicken, pork and a fresh-vegetable option. Prices range from $8-$18 to $19-$32 for larger family-style plates.


And, of course, dessert will include the option of the namesake dukunoo (green plantain and sweet potato pudding) with crispy sweet potato and cinnamon cream.

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