do you take reservations?

Yes, we do. You should arrive at least 10 minutes before your reservation time to check in and be seated on time. So that you know, all party members must be present to be seated. It will be canceled if you are 10 minutes late for your reservation. Reserve a table today HERE!

how can i make a reservation?

The best method is to submit your request online at dukunoowynwood.com. Go to the tab for “Reservations” or click this link HERE.

are walk-ins allowed to dine?

Yes, we accept walk-ins, but highly recommend making a reservation for parties larger than 6.

are you open on holidays?

We are open on Christmas Eve (December 24th), New Year’s Eve (December 31st), New Year’s Day (January 1st), and most other holidays.  We are closed on Christmas Day (December 25th) and Thanksgiving Day (November 23rd). Follow us on social media (@DUKUNOOWYNWOOD) for all of the latest updates HERE.

Do you have vegetarian, vegan, or
gluten-free options?

Yes, we have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available on our menu. Please feel free to ask your waiter/waitress when you join us.

Do you have a program for large group reservations of 8 or more?

Yes, we can accommodate parties of 8 or more. For a large party reservation, please review our large group menu and requirements HERE and email your request to info@dukunoowynwood.com. Please allow at least 3-5 d ays for a response back.  

For walk-in parties of 8 or more, we will hold one identification card and credit card upfront. We do not split checks. Please ask the hostess upon arrival to confirm our policy prior to your group being seated.

Do you have a private event space on your premises that we could rent for a special event?

We do not have private rooms or event spaces at our location. Subjective to the date and time that you are interested in renting our location, our leadership and management team will review the request and provide you with options that are available for your desired timeframe indoor and/or outdoor.

Are you willing to open earlier or stay later for a large group or special event?

This would be subject to Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen’s Leadership and Management Team’s approval.

Do you have a kid's menu?

We don’t have a kid’s menu, but we do have food that is kid friendly and served family-style. Please feel free to ask your waiter/waitress to recommend some of our delicious menu options for your family!

I'm coming to celebrate my "special day/event," are there any special things or treats that you will do for me or my party?

We offer a free birthday shot of vodka or tequila (limit 1) for the person celebrating their birthday, with proof of ID. Confetti is NOT allowed on our premises. Please share with our host and your waiter/waitress you’re celebrating with us during your dining.

I ordered food to-go but my order isn't correct. Can you fix it?

After verifying your claim with proof, and understanding what the exact concern is, Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen will do its best to make it right.

What are your hours of operation?

operating hours

mon: 5pm - 1am

tues - thurs: 12pm - 1am

fri - sun: 12pm - 2am


Tues - fri: 12pm - 3pm

IRIE HOUR (dukunoo's version of happy hour)

Tues - fri: 4pm - 7pm

weekend brunch

sat - sun: 12pm - 5pm (Last seating for brunch is 4pm)

How much advance notice do you need to make a large to-go or catering order?

Most days are within 72 hours notice, but all orders must be paid in advance.

Are you handicap and wheelchair accessible?

Yes, our location is handicap accessible including to wheelchairs.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, there is street parking throughout the entire corner. There are parking lots and valet parking that are also available (Not affiliated with Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen)

Do you validate parking?

At this time, we do not validate parking. (Street Parking ONLY)

Can we bring our own ___? (cake, wine) Is there
a fee?

Yes, you can bring your own cake or cupcakes but it must remain at your table with you without paying a fee to us for doing so. You cannot bring in dessert tables, tiers, setups, etc.  Food that has not been prepared on our premises is not allowed to enter our kitchens by law. It is a food safety and sanitation concern that we must adhere to for the safety of our customers and kitchen to reduce and eliminate cross-contamination including from unknown sources. Bringing in your own liquor or wine into the restaurant is strictly prohibited and they are subject to confiscation by our security guards. 

Is there an age limit to dine or enter the restaurant?

People of all ages are welcomed to dine with us.  Children seating outdoors is highly not recommended at night and will be restricted by the restaurant based on the discretion of the restaurant.

Is there an age limit for hookah?

The age limit for hookah is 18 years old. (MUST SHOW GOVERNMENT ID)

What is the age limit for purchasing and/or consuming alcohol?

The age limit is 21 years old with mandatory proof of Government ID. Anyone found giving alcohol or smoking products to an underage person will be requested to leave the premises immediately, not limited to other possible consequences.

Is smoking allowed?

Our outdoor facilities do allow smoking. Smoking is outside ONLY, including vaping and hookah. Depending on the circumstances and based on management’s approval, children might be allowed to dine outside but only if there isn’t any smoking that is taking place.

If you are seated and guests desire to smoke, including purchasing hookah whether they are in your party or not, the parents and guardians along with their children will be relocated into the restaurant’s dining room. 

I requested a receipt to be texted or emailed to me, but I have not received it yet. What happened?

Receipts delivered via text message and email can be sent immediately by your server, but the delivery to you could take up to 12 hours to receive.

Why is gratuity added to my bill?
Was that a mistake?

Our gratuity is 20% for every bill.

In Florida, restaurants can use the fees for whatever they want, from credit card fees to employees’ tipped minimum wage.  Most recently, restaurants, which have notoriously low profit margins, are dealing with soaring inflation that’s driving up prices on everything from food to labor to linens.  Mandatory service charges have existed in some sense — usually for large parties or catered events — forever, but they started taking root in their current form about a decade ago. Extra fees really started taking off in earnest since the pandemic began.

On the surface, service fees can be well-intentioned. They’re born out of a desire to fix what’s long been considered a broken American tradition of paying servers in tip. Increasingly, they’re also a means for restaurants to survive what’s seemed like one onslaught after another.  

They can help restaurants pay for credit card fees.  Especially fees accrued in paying the servers tips.

Also helps to pay the auxiliary staff that helps to assist the servers in getting service to the customers such as the bussers, the food runners, the expeditors and the multiple workers in the back of the house (kitchen).  Another very high expense that our gratuity helps to pay for is the significant need to replenish our flatware, glassware, plateware etc that has to be continuously replaced due to the high breakage and loss from employees and patron’s.  At Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen,  we do not charge any service for profit to the owners!

Why is there security at the door of the restaurant?

As a full service restaurant dine-in  restaurant, it may seem quite strange to have security at our doors during certain hours.  A few things were taken into consideration in making this decision.  As a free gun carrying state with guns being such a commonality in public we found it best to protect our patrons from unlikely situations that can come up as a result of poor judgment from one missguided individual.  Also given a few unfortunate events that have occurred in Wynwood and South beach over the past few years involving even the most unlikely venues we wanted an extra layer of protection despite the appearance.  It is an extra layer of protection for a very high traffic and high energy atmosphere. 

Are you hiring? How can I apply to join the Dukunoo family?

We welcome you to visit our website and click on the “Careers” button to view any/all of our open job positions available HERE.